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The pallets & packaging industry is evolving rapidly with more & more companies are shifting towards green and sustainable products.

Environmental Protection and Conservation of Ecosystem

The pace of modernisation, industrialisation and urbanisation have caused society to overlook the importance of protecting and maintaining the environment. As the issue of global warming becomes more urgent and prominent within social discourse, we have taken proactive approach to develop sustainable Products for the benefit of our customers and the planet as a whole.


Our products crafted with care and quality assurance with the objectives of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” for the protection of the environment as well as to strike an ecological balance that is focused on sustainability for the benefit of future generations. Our paper pallets were made of compressed recycled paper -ISPM15 Certified


We are committed to reducing the impact on the environment and carbon footprint whilst pursuing its quest to deliver optimal packaging materials to our customers. DFIH adopted policies on pollution prevention, preservation of natural resources and adherence to environmental laws and regulations. We also seek to put practical “green” ideas into practice in our daily operations.


DFIH actively promotes “Green Pallets” and environmentally friendly policies in its efforts to support the better living of our communities, be a responsible custodians of our planet and the development of a sustainable ecosystem. These policies include prioritising reusable packaging materials such as paper pallets and paper crates instead of wood and plastics, recycling and reusing materials.



DF Industries Holdings Sdn Bhd is a socio-enterprise* made of eco-preneurs* who are keen on green and passionate about healing the planet earth.

We see our environment having a bleak and challenging future. We have seen our forest degraded, raped and plundered for timber, We has seen animals stressed and pushed to new territories and perhaps to extinction.

As eco-preneurs, we are obliged to help save the forest.

As an enterprise, we will build business models that are profitable and rewarding.
as socio-enterprise, we encourage other like-minded eco-preneurs to share in the opportunities, the rewards and profits of the new industry.



Non Toxic, No Treatment needed, No Documentation

Eliminate the need for fumigation or heat treatment thus reducing cost and toxicity
Eliminate wasted time on documentation processing for fumigation


No Nails & Splinters

With no nails & splinters, it will reduce the injuries and damages to the product and the people handling them.


Additional Benefits

  • Pest Free

  • Repairable

  • Moisture resistant

  • Consistency & Hygienic



Help Reduce Deforestation

De Frazer pallets are made of recycled paper and it can be recycle after used thus reducing the need for wood


Savings on Logistic cost

De Frazer pallets are 50% lighter than wood pallet reducing overall weight and thus the cost required


Dynamic load up to 2 tonnes
Static load up to 4 tonnes

Despite it's light weight, De Frazer Pallet is capable to carry up to 2 tonnes of dynamic load and 4 tonnes of static load. This is achieved through DFIH's patented design and smart engineering




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